Creatures of the Meek

CREATURES OF THE MEEK crosses public art and the social utility of a public drinking water fountain. Plastic waste has reached tremendous amounts around the world. Even with efficient waste management systems and recycling initiatives we will run out of resources to cope with the hundreds of tons generated every day globally. We can, however, stop contributing to plastic waste by reducing our use of single-use plastics. A first step is to refuse a plastic bottle of water, opting instead to refill a reusable bottle at a public drinking water fountain.

Working together with event organisers, Ayer Ayer hopes to make an impact in reducing bottled water waste. In the very short time since we started, we have reduced more than 20,000 plastic bottle waste that might otherwise have gone into our landfill or our oceans. Hardly because we are doing a good job, rather, it is because for the most part, there are few or no alternatives to bottled water.

You can make a difference, start by asking your organisation, school, company, local council to provide more alternatives to single-use bottled water.


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