Public Art x Social Utility



Ayer Ayer designed and build public drinking water stations as an alternative to single-use plastic bottled water at public events. 

Creatures of

the Meek

The Ayer Ayer water fountain reimagined as creatures mirrored from our ecological ignorance. Creator and destroyer. Half man and half measures. Taker and giver.

Single-use plastic bottled water waste reduced 

5000 bottles

ADEX 2019, Suntec Convention, Singapore


500 bottles

Tamasek Shophouse 2019, Singapore

1500 bottles

Keppel Land Earth Day 2019, Ocean Financial Centre, CBD, Singapore

2000 bottles

Maybank Global CR Day, Singapore

700 bottles

Keppel Land Earth Day 2019, Marina Bay Financial Centre Singapore

850 bottles

Conscious Festival 2019, Green Is The New Black, Singapore

Call on our (fountain) creatures to eat up the plastic bottle waste problem at your event.