Shore Seekers World

ShoreSeekers.World is an online 360o VR adventure presented by ecologically minded art collective Ayer Ayer Project.
When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all public gatherings, the Shore Debris Table, Ayer Ayer Project’s public facing participatory artwork where participants are invited to sit and remove microplastic fragments piece-by-piece in silence, had to cancel all its presentations.

Shoreseekers.World was created as a digital extension of the Shore Debris Table artwork so that Ayer Ayer can continue to engage the public about the plastic pollution crisis.

Part visual journey, part game, and part educational experience, the Shoreseekers.World invites players to explore two sites along the historical Johor Straits: Punggol, Singapore and Pendas in Johor, Malaysia. Connected by history and their shared predicament of plastic pollution, these real-life locations are not just an immersive backdrop, but also a stark reminder of the very real consequences of careless human practices.