Art Tiles


Public Art x Social Utility

When Ayer Ayer first started we looked at the plastic trash that got washed up onto Singapore shores. Our latest project looked at the plastic trash generated from within Singapore. We wanted to understand the post-consumer life of a plastic product, from collection to sorting and cleaning, then tested if it could be used as a material resource in making and building, especially in all our future art installations. Here we worked with post-consumer plastic collected from Singaporean households. The first batch of tiles made from plastic trash are ready! Get in touch with us for more information.

The Plastic


This workshop aims to share about the life of the one of the world’s most amazing materials – the synthetic polymer we all know as plastic. Participants will understand the various aspects of plastics from production to recycling. The session will include a hands-on experience to make and take home a product made from post-consumer plastic. The workshop can be tailored to most ages and locations. Get in touch with us for more information.


Our workshops are available as an educational engagement – ask us!